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Transforming How To Travel

Meaningful Social Impact Travel

coming together to make an impact

Our Joining Hands Program

We believe it’s our responsibility to help the local communities and people we impact in our travel journeys. We do this through collaboration with the local people (whom we rely on to preserve and sustain Nepal’s natural beauty), and third-party organizations for funding.

Recognizing that people are the heartbeat of every community, we work to empower them by implementing local initiatives and frameworks aimed at strengthening, flourishing, enriching, and enhancing the community’s integrity. Our objective is to transform travel by consciously impacting and enhancing the quality of life within the communities we interact with.
Joining Hands to Help

Our Projects

Community House

Development of Community Centre Life in every community revolves around a centre. A gathering space for people to share their thoughts, and stories, make communal decisions and celebrate events. This inspired us to come together with Civil Bank to enrich Phaplu Forest Community by providing financial assistance to construct a building for communal gatherings. Project Outline

Organized the funds to support the Phaplu Forest Community in building a remote forest community centre to be used for shelter and communal gatherings.

Contributing to the Crane Sanctuary in Lumbini

Pumori Journeys supports the preservation of Lumbini’s fragile ecosystem by donating to the Crane Sanctuary. These wetlands are crucial habitats for endangered cranes and various bird species. Our contribution sustains vital conservation efforts, safeguarding these magnificent birds and preserving wetland biodiversity. By protecting these natural treasures, we ensure the ecological balance and a sustainable future for Lumbini’s abundant wildlife.

Supporting Local Rural Schools

Pumori Journeys extends its philanthropic efforts by providing school uniforms, bags, shoes, books, and other essential supplies to rural schools. Recognizing the financial hardships faced by these children, who may not even have the means to afford shoes, we aim to empower them with the tools for education. Through these donations, we hope to enhance their learning experience, boost their confidence, and create opportunities for a brighter future. Join hands in making a difference and ensuring that every child has access to the education they deserve.