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Nepal is a fascinating country that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and spiritual serenity. From the towering Himalayan peaks to the tranquil Lumbini Garden, there is no shortage of incredible places to visit in Nepal.

Our customized Nepal holiday packages cater to all types of travelers, whether you are an adventure, leisure or a spiritual seeker. Our expert team will work with you to create an itinerary that suits your preferences and interests, ensuring that you get the most out of your trip. We are committed to providing our guests with memorable experiences to cherish for a lifetime.

At Pumori Journeys, we believe that travels to Nepal should be both comfortable and immersive. Our Nepal tour packages offer a combination of authenticity and comfort, so you can indulge in the best that Nepal has to offer. Whether you’re exploring remote Himalayan villages or relaxing in a serene jungle resort, we’ll ensure that your experience is second to none.
Head off the conventional trails and explore this beautiful country with us, on journeys that combine authenticity, comfort, and exclusivity.

Authentic & Personalised Holidays in Nepal

Top Selling Tours

Walk Amongst Giants


As the most popular trekking destination in Nepal, the Mount Everest region offers unparalleled opportunities to reach ultimate heights and experience the world's greatest mountains up close. From challenging treks to more relaxed hikes, we offer a range of customizable itineraries to suit all levels of fitness and experience.

Everest Packages

The birthplace of Buddha


Embark on a Spiritual Journey and visit Lumbini Garden, the birthplace of Buddha and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located within the Lumbini Garden, the temple complex includes several temples, monasteries, and historical sites. Explore the historic palace ruins of Kapilavastu, where Buddha spent his first 29 years, and Kudan, where Buddha lived and gave discourses after attaining enlightenment. Whether you're a Buddhist practitioner or simply seeking inner peace and tranquility, our expert team will work with you to create an itinerary that meets your needs and preferences.

Lumbini Packages

Captivating Himalayas


The Annapurna Conservation Area is a sanctuary for mountain lovers of all fitness levels, making it one of Nepal's most popular trekking destinations. With well-maintained trails the Annapurna region offers breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Himalayas.

Annapurna Packages

Cultural, spiritual & vibrant


Explore the labyrinth of winding streets and alleys, and marvel at the intricately decorated temples. Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting bustling shops and trying out the delicious local cuisine.

Kathmandu Packages

Immersive Wilderness


Bardiya National Park is the country's largest and most pristine national park, boasting a biodiverse ecosystem with Bengal tigers, Ganges dolphins, single-horned rhinos, elephants, striped hyenas, and leopards. With Pumori Journeys, you can experience the raw and spectacular beauty of the jungle on an unforgettable safari adventure. Our customizable packages cater to your specific needs and preferences, and our expert guides will take you through the heart of Nepal's jungle to witness its diverse wildlife and natural beauty up close.

Bardiya Packages

Customized private helicopter journeys

Experience Nepal on Your Own Terms

Experience Nepal on your own terms with Pumori Journeys’ customized private helicopter journeys. Our partnership with private charter flights ensures a seamless travel experience to and around Nepal, allowing you to travel with the utmost degree of flexibility, luxury, comfort, and safety. Whether you’re seeking an exclusive and isolated journey, or want to explore Nepal’s stunning landscapes from a unique perspective, our private services cater to all your travel needs. Embark on a tailor-made journey that seamlessly combines luxury, comfort, and adventure, with unparalleled access to remote destinations and breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

Pumori Journeys

Why Travel with us

Personalized Touch

Begin planning your travel to Nepal by contacting Pumori Journeys. Let us know your desired destinations, preferred travel style, interests, and trip length. We’ll use this information to create a personalized and customized bespoke holiday package that meets your needs.

Customer Support

Our commitment to you goes beyond the trip itself. We will take care of every detail from start to finish and beyond, staying in touch with you throughout the planning process to ensure that all aspects of your customized holiday are perfectly ironed out.

Attention To Detail

By understanding the significance of cherishing the joys of life, even the little ones, we prioritize taking meticulous care of every aspect of your journey.

Make Memorable Experiences

We offer packages that are designed to create lasting memories of your travels. From unique experiences to personalized touches, we ensure that your memories live on long after your holiday ends.

  • What an exciting holiday experience this company offers you. First class accommodation and service in a fantastic natural wonder scenery of Mount Everest.

    Pamela Avatar Pamela

    Hands down the best trekking agency in Nepal! The customer service is top notch, with a streamlined tour organized. Nepal is an amazing country, and Pumori Journeys made sure my holiday was as comfortable as possible.

    Chris Moore Avatar Chris Moore

    I definitely recommend this company and I will certainly use their service again . Book with confidence.

    Susanne Ejstrup Avatar Susanne Ejstrup

    Thank you Pumori Journeys for ur help n guidance towards our first ever tourist visa. We travelled 5nights and 6 days safely without any problem at Thailand.Though it was Kathmandu Pokhara distance communication there was not any information lacking. Thank you once again, will definately recommend to others and will go through you if have any plans to visit other countries.

    Emma Pun Avatar Emma Pun
  • Thank you pumori journeys for hosting our Thailand holiday trip. Great customer service!

    Ram Karki Avatar Ram Karki

    Thanks pumori journey. You really helped us in our such a difficult time of our travel. we look forward to see you again.

    Jamuna Shrestha Avatar Jamuna Shrestha

    We had the absolute best experience with Punori Journeys. They gave us the lowdown on everything from the flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara, which hotels would be better for us and getting good deals on them, and they would have helped with paragliding and lots of other cool stuff but we were too lame to do it. They're really great

    Ronojoy Mazumdar Avatar Ronojoy Mazumdar

    Best agent for Bangkok travelling!Thanks Pumori Journeys for a memorable trip❤

    Bandana Poudel Avatar Bandana Poudel
  • Hello, I processed my international travel via pumori journeys, सानेपा. So friendly and cooperative people I found here. They helps u to manage all ur travel process. So good place and satisfied customer I am. Thanku Sandhya ji. Hope to meet again. 💐👍

    samikshya Mishra Avatar samikshya Mishra


    Geek Owl Avatar Geek Owl

    Easy to travel and plan our trip with, we got a personalized and customized itinerary, based on where and what we wanted to see and do and throughout the trip. Great experiences..

    Sara Anderson Avatar Sara Anderson

    I highly recommend booking with Pumori Journeys. They really helped us with our vacation planning in Thailand. Travelling to Thailand required a lot of hassle because of their regulations (3 covid tests, special hotel stay, etc,) They knew all the details and regulations made by the Thai government. If you plan a trip, I recommend contacting them! Thanks again for the help 🙂

    Raul Caciora Avatar Raul Caciora
  • Thanks Pumori journeys for managing our family holiday wonderfully.

    Anupam Rana Avatar Anupam Rana

    Very nice and friendly service from the staffs. Highly recommended!!

    Kajal pradhan Avatar Kajal pradhan

    Thank you Pumori Journeys for planning and managing thailand tour for our parents. They loved the trip and were very happy with the services they got. Driver and guide provided are very friendly and helpful.

    Sujit Shakya Avatar Sujit Shakya

    Super effective communication and great suggestions for flights/ hotels/ activities. I didn’t have to plan anything for my trip to Pokhara.

    Spriha Shrestha Avatar Spriha Shrestha
  • Good experience working on going to Thailand. Very helpful and professional… highly recommended…

    Dawa Sonam Sherpa Avatar Dawa Sonam Sherpa

    Professional and convenient to communicate with. Understand the demand of the client too. Thank you for the arrangements.

    Mink TN Avatar Mink TN

    Our Everest Base Camp Trek was well organized with our guide showing us more off the beaten track places to experience the true Nepali culture and hospitality. I would recommend Pumori Journeys to everyone!

    Joshua S Avatar Joshua S

    Excellent, prompt customer service and personalised approach, thank you. Highly recommend.

    Santosh Pokharel Avatar Santosh Pokharel
  • I highly recommend booking with Pumori Journeys.

    They really helped us with our vacation planning in Thailand.

    Travelling to Thailand required a lot of hassle because of their regulations (3 covid tests, special hotel stay, etc,)

    They knew all the details and regulations made by the Thai government.

    If you plan a trip, I recommend contacting them!
    Thanks again for the help 🙂

    Raul Caciora Avatar Raul Caciora

    We had a great holiday in Thailand. It was nice to get away from our hectic schedule and get some relaxing time. Thank you Pumori Journeys!

    Mina Gurung Avatar Mina Gurung

    Good customer service. Smooth trip to Thailand and had a great holiday.

    Sabina Shrestha Avatar Sabina Shrestha

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.”

― Hans Christian Andersen

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