About Pumori Journeys

A Small, But Powerful Team

We Are A Diverse Team

With A Uniting Passion For Traveling In Comfort

Pumori Journeys is an experiential travel company that offers unique tours throughout Nepal. Incorporating a sense of discovery and comfort in our tours, we visualize your holiday as a journey. A period of time, in each you travel from one place to another, with experiences in between that effect and change your perspective of life. To have a profound impact on you, our travel designers create your holiday realizing that the best experiences come through the interactions and connections you have with the local people you meet and the places you go. Thus creating memories and stories to share. We wish to share all facets of Nepal’s rich beauty. With our local knowledge, network and resources, we aim to offer you immersive and experiential packages while providing the utmost comfort. Our tour packages embrace authentic experiences that bring you face-to-face with the world’s most majestic mountain ranges, ancient cultures, traditional hospitality and pristine wilderness and awe-inspiring wildlife experiences.

Travel to Nepal

Known for the Himalayas and Mt.Everest, Nepal has gained worldwide popularity as a trekking and mountaineering destination. While its cultural heritage is often overlooked, Nepal has a rich spiritual presence and is the birthplace of Buddha and a source of ancient Vedic teachings. The country has three diverse topographical regions (ranging from the grand Himalayas, hills, and valleys, to the rich agricultural lowland region of Terai) within its width of 200km. This diverse environment is host to an abundantly varied animal and vegetation kingdom. (Did you know the pink Gangas dolphin is found in the Karnali River, which flows along Bardia National Park?) We wish to share all facets of Nepal’s rich beauty. With our local knowledge, network and resources, we aim to offer you immersive and experiential packages that provide the utmost comfort.

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How are we Different?

Our love for Nepal fuels us to share the more remote and off-the-beaten-path destinations. We meticulously create and plan each tour from the groundwork up. Our local expertise allows us to deliver a higher standard of service that specializes in every detail of your journey to ensure your optimal comfort. Thus we create exclusive experiences aimed to exceed your expectations. We interweave cultural and spiritual heritage with authentic travel experiences.

Travel with a Purpose

Sustainable Measures

We do our best to integrate your curated tour package with sustainable measures that effectively ensure low impact on the environment with initiative measures that help to empower local communities. By engaging with communities, we aim to develop local sustainable guidelines that in return support local conservation issues. Enjoy your holiday knowing that you are helping local communities, while leaving a lighter footprint along the trails we journey together.

Sustainable Environmental Goals

Steps taken to reflect our sustainable environmental goals at an operational level that range from promoting renewable energy consumption (through solar and hydro) to waste management. Our workable approach with all hotels, cars, and service providers ensures that our whole team is cohesively active in better environment management throughout operations. Pumori Journeys supports and guides service partners to improve operations with full consciousness towards the conservation of nature.


Customized Tours

Have you browsed through our packages, without feeling the spark to book? 
Don’t worry! We specialize in creating unique experiences that are fully personalized around you and your interests. Together, we can create transformative journeys that offer you a meaningful and transformative adventure. Travel with us, and become a conscious traveller who improves local communities, the environment, and economics. Make the difference. The process of creating your bespoke package starts here.

Travel Effortlessly

Elite Travel Designers

Our Travel Designers are skilled in adapting itineraries to be flexible around your preferences. As your guide and personal helper, they are ready to help you with anything during your stay. All the team has been fully COVID-19 vaccinated and have experience in first aid and rescue. We do our best to manage and anticipate unforeseen events during your journey. Relax and fully immerse yourself in a life-changing adventure.

Integrated Access

Experience a seamless voyage with us. From immigration and security checks to national park access, our VIP Service Team will guide you past any queues and take care of all the processing procedures. We provide fast, smooth, and comfortable experiences from the moment you touch down in Nepal, and until your departure. We aim to make your holiday secure and seamless while providing an authentic and meaningful experience for you throughout your journey.


Sustainable Travel

Nepal is renowned for its majestic mountain peaks, pristine natural landscapes, abundant wildlife, and ancient cultural heritage. We strive to preserve Nepal’s unique natural environment and beauty through a hands-on approach that aims to empower local communities to build their businesses to generate sustainable economic opportunities. By working alongside local communities, we aim to support developing local economies and empower remote communities to work within farming, conservation, service, and hospitality. Through education and opportunity, we may help to raise the level of remote living standards and infrastructures.

Travel in Comfort

Handpicked Hotels

Our travel designers have traveled throughout Nepal to carefully handpick a selection of hotels that meet our compliance standards. Each accommodation option provided in our package has formed a partnership with Pumori Journeys, ensuring compliance with our Accommodation Compliance Standards and Terms.

Private Helicopter

Add an extra dimension to your holiday and go on unparalleled adventures where the choices are endless. Custom design your helicopter tour package and choose which destinations you want to visit and when. Have a helicopter at your disposal and get ready to explore breathtaking places at your leisure. Explore the vastness of Nepal with comfort, ease, flexibility, and style.

Senior Travel Designer
Namgel Sherpa

Born in Pangboche, a small village at 3,985m on the trail to Mt Everest, Ang Namgel Sherpa is an avid mountaineer. Having summited Mt Everest 8 times, Namgel has extensive and rich experience in trekking and climbing. His passion and endurance are reflected in his over 20 years of career in the tourism and mountaineering industry.
Namgel’s extensive knowledge gained in numerous expeditions into the Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet has ultimately led him to delve into conservation and environmental programs to advocate sustainable mountain regions.