Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Remote Yet Luxurious Getaway Places

Discover the best places in Nepal

To handcraft authentic and customized tours for you, we have explored the most exquisite destinations in Nepal. We offer luxurious yet authentic experiences that take you off-the-beaten-track while traveling in the utmost comfort, service, and quality.
Our distinctive itineraries bring you into contact with local communities and sustainable environments along the way, exposing you to heritage and culture as well as open spaces and adventure. As you become more accustomed to Nepalese culture, you will have better experiences. Look over our carefully chosen locations and itineraries, then let us act as your personal tour guides.

With the tallest mountains in the world, Nepal is home to a variety of outdoor pursuits for thrill-seekers, including rafting, heli-skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and trekking. Joining the festivals that are held all year long is the finest way to get to know the colorful Nepali culture.

Top Destinations in Nepal