Birdwatching in Nepal

Birdwatching in Nepal

Spanning 885 kilometers along the majestic Himalayan range and stretching 193 kilometers wide, Nepal is a land blessed with astounding natural beauty. Its diverse topography, ranging from the majestic heights of Mt. Everest at 8,849 meters to the Terai lowlands at just 70 meters, nurtures an incredible variety of flora and fauna.

Nepal’s biodiverse landscapes harbor an impressive wealth of wildlife, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The Checklist of Birds of Nepal (2020) reveals a remarkable count of 884 bird species, including 42 globally endangered representatives. As winter approaches, Nepal becomes a haven for approximately 150 migratory bird species seeking respite from the harsh Northern Hemisphere conditions, as they arrive to breed and nest.

The tapestry of Nepal’s landscapes, adorned with snow-capped peaks, verdant valleys, and dense forests, offers a perfect sanctuary for a wide array of plants and animals. Whether you are an avid birdwatcher or simply cherish the wonders of nature, Nepal beckons with its awe-inspiring ecosystems.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Nepal’s natural wonders, where every step reveals the marvels of its biodiversity. Immerse yourself in this ecological paradise and witness the captivating sights and melodies of Nepal’s vibrant avian life.

The Sarus Crane: A Symbol of Love and Conservation in Lumbini

Lumbini, nestled in the heart of Nepal, boasts the densest population of the Sarus Crane, the largest flying bird in the world. This unique avian species faces global threats but finds solace in the region as it frequently breeds here. Revered by the residents of the Terai, the Sarus Crane is considered a harbinger of love and happiness.

The Lumbini Crane Sanctuary

was established to safeguard and preserve this magnificent bird. Nestled alongside the World Peace Pagoda, this sanctuary spans approximately 100 hectares of precious wetland within the Lumbini garden. It serves as a protected haven, ensuring the Sarus Crane finds a safe and suitable habitat to thrive. The sanctuary plays a vital role in the conservation efforts, with an estimated 90-100 pairs of Sarus Cranes currently nesting in and around the Lumbini Masterplan area. This dedicated space within the sanctuary serves as a sanctuary, allowing these graceful birds to flourish undisturbed.

Witness the awe-inspiring presence of the Sarus Crane in Lumbini, where love, conservation, and harmony intertwine. Explore the Lumbini Crane Sanctuary and be captivated by the sight of these majestic birds, a testament to the region’s commitment to preserving Nepal’s natural heritage.

Embark on Captivating Birdwatching Adventures with Pumori Journeys

Indulge in the delights of birdwatching across the picturesque landscapes of Nepal, a bird enthusiast’s paradise. With Pumori Journeys as your guide, immerse yourself in the diverse birdlife that thrives in this stunning country.

Nepal boasts a rich and varied avian population, making it a prime destination for birdwatching enthusiasts. Allow us to introduce you to four top birdwatching havens that will leave you in awe of Nepal’s natural wonders:

Chitwan National Park: Nestled in the southern Terai lowlands, Chitwan National Park offers an extraordinary birdwatching experience. Explore the lush forests, grasslands, and wetlands as you encounter an impressive array of resident and migratory bird species. Keep your eyes peeled for the majestic Bengal Florican, the elusive White-rumped Vulture, and the striking Great Hornbill, among many others.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve: Located in the eastern Terai region, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a birdwatcher’s paradise. This protected area encompasses vast stretches of wetlands, marshes, and river systems, attracting a remarkable variety of water birds. Delight in sightings of the rare and endangered Swamp Francolin, the graceful Black-necked Stork, and the vibrant Indian Peafowl, among a multitude of other avian treasures.

Annapurna Conservation Area: Venture into the breathtaking Annapurna region, home to the Annapurna Conservation Area. While primarily known for its trekking routes and stunning mountain vistas, this area also harbors a remarkable birdlife. As you traverse through lush forests and alpine meadows, be on the lookout for Himalayan species such as the colorful Impeyan Pheasant, the charismatic Tibetan Snowcock, and the elusive Spotted Forktail.

Lumbini: Explore the sacred birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini, which also offers fantastic birdwatching opportunities. The Lumbini Crane Sanctuary, located within the Lumbini garden, provides a protected habitat for a variety of bird species. Marvel at the sight of the graceful Sarus Crane, the world’s largest flying bird, as well as other avian treasures that inhabit this serene sanctuary.

With Pumori Journeys as your trusted companion, embark on an unforgettable birdwatching expedition across Nepal’s diverse landscapes. Our knowledgeable guides will ensure you have the best opportunities to spot and appreciate the remarkable avian wonders that call Nepal home. Let the melodies of Nepal’s birdsong accompany you on this remarkable journey of discovery.

The common local birds

Lesser Adjutant, Great Indian Hornbill, Asian Openbill, Red-wattled Lapwing, Little Bunting, Indian Spotted Eagle, Grey Heron, Purple Sunbird, Painted Stork, and Water Cock (just to name a few). These can sighted all year around foraging, running, and flying around the Sacred Garden in Lumbini.

The migratory birds

These include the Lesser Whistling-duck, Black-necked Stork, Black-headed Ibis, Little Grebe, and many more. These guest birds fly to Lumbini from different parts of the world, such as Siberia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, and Tibet.

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