Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake

Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake

This trek takes you along the Annapurna Circuit (which is one of the famous trekking trails in Nepal) while adding the extension loop to visit the holy Muktinath temple, and Jomsom, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Mustang.

The tour starts with a two-day off-road drive to Manang along the Marshyangdi River. Embark on an adventurous trail across one of the highest passes in the trans-Himalayan region to Thorong – La (5,416 m), and visit the high freshwater lake, Tilicho Lake (4,949 m). Continue on the path to Jomsom and end the trek at Pokhara.
The trail is considered challenging, but the best views are from the most remote areas!
Our carefully designed itinerary with expert trekking guides will make your journey as leisurely as possible. With every new destination, the climate and landscape change, offering incredible views of the breathtakingly diverse Himalayas from lush green hills, vast meadows, and traditional villages of the Buddhist communities.

The maximum altitude of this trek is 5,416 m, meaning there is a high risk of altitude sickness. The geographical nature of the trail categorizes it as a strenuous trek, so trekkers need to be physically and mentally fit and healthy. We recommend guests engage in daily physical exercises such as walking, running, and cycling for at least 1 month before the trek, depending on individual health conditions. We also recommend guests have a full body checkup and obtain travel insurance covering emergency Helicopter evacuation in case of emergency rescues.





Best Time

April-May & Oct-Nov

Tour Itinerary

  • Welcome to Kathmandu, Nepal!
    Our representative will meet you at the airport upon your arrival, and transfer you to your hotel.
    Begin your journey with a welcome sunset rooftop dinner overlooking Nepal’s largest stupa, the Boudhanath Stupa. This UNESCO world heritage site, which was once a central trade route, now protects Tibetan Buddhist culture and traditions. Explore the area, and walk around the stupa to get good luck. Offer butter lamps and make a prayer, before retiring to your hotel.

    Kathmandu Valley encompasses three old kingdoms: Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Kathmandu valley is ornate with palaces, intricate pagodas and monumental stupas which are a testament to the artistic talent of the Newars (natives of the valley). The Newari craft was held in high regard by the kings of Malla and the Mongol rulers of 18th-century China. The Gopala and Kirati dynasties were the first rulers, followed by Licchavi (300-879 AD), who flourished in trade and crafts.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    Accommodation4-star hotelMeals-/-/DAltitude1,400 mDrive durationTrekking duration


  • An immersive full-day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu Valley.

    Visit Pashupatinath, one of the most important holy sites for the Hindu religion. The temple is situated on the bank of the sacred Bagmati River and is believed to date back to 400 BC. The area encompasses 518 temples, buildings, and holy structures. The main temple is designed as a pagoda structure dedicated to Lord Shiva and is open only to Hindus; non-Hindus may only observe from the terraces across the Bagmati River to the east.
    The area also includes a temple, dedicated to Guhyeshwari, a goddess in the form of a silver-plated waterhole, covered by a silver Kalash (auspicious water jar). Legend has it that a part of Sati Devi’s dead corpse fell, and Shakti Peeths came to life. The temple is also considered a sacred place for performing cremation ceremonies, as Hindus believe that a cremation from here will be secure a reborn as a human in their next life.

    Visit Patan Durbar Square, also known as the city of artisans. The area is home to some of the finest artisans of Kathmandu Valley, who have preserved the cultural and ancient techniques of art and craft, such as wood, wax, painting and metal work. The former Royal Palace of Patan has been converted into a museum to display the unique crafts. Apart from the museum, Patan includes Hiranya Varna Mahavihar (Golden Temple), Golden Window, and Mahabouddha Temple and many other unique cultural attractions.

    Visit Kathmandu Durbar Square, an old royal courtyard with over fifty temples, including the temple of the titular deity, Taleju Bhawani.
    The Durbar has two courtyards; an inner section consisting of Hanuman Dhoka and the main palace. Some floors of the main palace have been converted into a museum dedicated to display the three generations of Shah kings of Nepal and also showcases some ornaments from the medieval periods. Thus, the palace is also known as “the Museum of Temples”.
    The outer courtyards have a Kasthamandap (was a three-storied public shelter), Kumari Ghar (which houses the Goddess Kumari), and a Shiva-Parvati Temple. The outer courtyards also have an abundance of handicraft shops, and a nearby Bazar and locals markets.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    Accommodation4-star hotelMealsBAltitude1,400 mDrive durationTrekking duration

    Pashupatinath pumori journeys - Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake

  • Have an early breakfast, before starting the 6-hour scenic drive to Bhulbhule.

    Leave Kathmandy valley and follow the highway along the river and stop for thali set lunch along the way. Reach Bandipur, and leave the highway to head north off-road until reaching Bhulbhule, a small village located along the Marsyandi river.

    *NOTE: From Day 3 to Day 12, the accommodation will be in a simple lodge with basic and limited facilities.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    AccommodationSimple LodgeMealsB/L/DAltitude840 mDrive duration6 hrsTrekking duration


  • Enjoy breakfast at the lodge, before continuing the off-road drive to Manang along the Marsyandi river with scenic views of pastures and small villages. Upon arrival at Manang, you will check-in to the lodge, where the remaining day is spent at leisure.

    Manang is influenced by Tibetan culture and Buddhism, with many monasteries that practice Tibetan Buddhism. Manang offers better lodge facilities with health clinics and banks, compared to other villages in the region.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    AccommodationSimple LodgeMealsB/L/DAltitude3,519 mDrive duration6 hrsTrekking duration


  • Acclimatization is necessary to avoid the risk of altitude sickness as the air at this altitude contains less oxygen.

    Optional activities:

    – Hike approx 2 hrs to visit the Phaken Gompa, where 100 lamas once used to live. From Gompa you can overlook the Manang Village and Ganggapurna Tal.

    – Hike to Ganggapurna Tal, which is approx 3 hrs. hike. The hike offers a magnificent view of the valley and Himalayas such as Pisang Peak, Annapurna III, IV, Chulo Peaks, Tilicho Peak, and Rock Noir.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    AccommodationSimple LodgeMealsB/L/DAltitude3,519 mDrive durationTrekking duration
  • After breakfast, start descending to follow the path along the Marsyangdi River. Cross the Jharsing Khola river over a suspension bridge to reach Khangsar village.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    AccommodationSimple LodgeMealsB/L/DAltitude3,756 mDrive durationTrekking duration5 hrs
  • Continue on the trail passing through yak pastures and a monastery to reach a high ridge, before descending down a valley, to cross a stream, and reach Tilicho Base Camp.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    AccommodationSimple LodgeMealsB/L/DAltitude4,150 mDrive durationTrekking duration7 hrs

    tilicho base camp

  • Start your day with an early morning 3-4 hour hike to Tilicho Lake, situated at 4,949 m. The lake is a popular pilgrimage site, as Hindus believe that the Tilicho Lake is the ancient lake Kak Bhusundi mentioned in the epic Ramayana. The lake was formed by the melting of glaciers on the slopes of northern Annapurna.

    Spend the afternoon exploring the lake area, before retracing the path back to Base Camp.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    AccommodationSimple LodgeMealsB/L/DAltitude4,150 mDrive durationTrekking duration7-8 hrs

    Tilicho_Lake nepal

  • Start by retracting the path to Shree Kharka. After a rest, take the trail north through yak pastures and after a few climbs and descents reach Yak Kalka.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    AccommodationSimple LodgeMealsB/L/DAltitude4,000 mDrive durationTrekking duration7 hrs
  • After breakfast, enjoy a short and leisurely 2-3 hours trek to Thorung Phedi.

    Start by climbing along the east bank of Jarang Khola, to reach a meadow surrounded by vertical cliffs at the Thorung Phedi. Sightings of blue sheep and snow leopards have been reported a few times in the area, whereas Lammergeyers and griffons are common.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    AccommodationSimple LodgeMealsB/L/DAltitude4,540 mDrive durationTrekking duration2-3 hrs
  • Set out early in the morning and ascend for about 6 hours to pass Thorong La with mesmerizing views of Annapurna, Gangapurna and the glaciated peak of Khatungkang.

    After crossing the pass, the path descends gently 1,600 meters into the Kali Gandaki River valley. Once you pass through grasslands and meadows, you will reach Muktinath.

    Muktinath refers to places (such as temples and monasteries) that invoke a sense of nirvana. The main attraction of this place is the Juwaramai temple which has natural springs, an eternal flame and 108 water funnels that pour holy water. It is believed that dipping in each of the 108 funnels will release you of any bad karma attached to you. This Holy place is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    AccommodationSimple LodgeMealsB/L/DAltitude3,750 mDrive durationTrekking duration7-8 hrs


  • The trail to Jomsom is very easy compared to the previous trekking days as it is flat and runs through juniper forests. The soaring peaks of Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri form a backdrop to the town, which is regarded as the gateway to Upper Mustang. After you arrive, check into the lodge and enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    AccommodationSimple LodgeMealsB/L/DAltitude2,743 mDrive durationTrekking duration4 hrs


  • Take a flight to Pokhara early in the morning. Aerial views of the Himalayan mountains are visible throughout the 20-minute flight from Jomsom as well as vistas of gorges and the transition from arid, precipitous cliffs to lush, green forests. Upon arrival in Pokhara, transfer to the hotel to enjoy a nice hot water shower and spend your remaining day at leisure.

    Optional add-on: Visit Sarangkot via Cable Car
    Optional add-on: Pokhara Ultralight flight
    Optional add-on: Visit International Mountain Museum
    Optional add-on: Visit Davis Fall and Gupteswor Cave

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeFlight durationTrekking duration
    Accommodation4-star hotelMealsB/-/-Altitude822 mFlight duration30minTrekking duration


  • Start the sightseeing tour, by visiting Pumdikot, a viewpoint located at an altitude of 1,500 m offering impressive views of Mt Dhaulagiri, Mt Annapurna, and Mt Machhapuchhre. The viewpoint also has a new 3-story view tower, Shiva Damaru, a gigantic statue of Lord Shiva. This 51 ft high statue sits on top of an enormous dome and is surrounded by 108 Shiva Linga.

    On your way back, visit Shanti Stupa, located on Anadu Hill at an altitude of 1,100 meters. The pagoda is built in the pagoda style of the Nihonsan Myoboji monks. The word “Shanti” means peace in Sanskrit, thus meaning Peace Tower. The shrine was built as a symbol of peace. Nepal is home to two of the world’s eight peace pagodas and the other Shanti Stupa in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. The peace pagoda in Pokhara offers panoramic views of the Annapurna Mountains, Pokhara City, and Fewa Lake.

    Choose either to hike for 2 hours or drive for 15min back to Pokhara.

    Optional add-on: Helicopter tour of Pokhara valley and Annapurna Base Camp
    Optional add-on: Visit international Mountain Museum
    Optional add-on: Bungee Jump
    Optional add-on: Ziplining

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    Accommodation4-star hotelMealsB/-/-Altitude822 mDrive durationTrekking duration

    pokhara sightseeing

  • Morning flight back to Kathmandu. Transfer to the hotel, and spend the remaining day at your leisure.

    Optional add-on: Half day sightseeing to the ancient city of Bhaktapur. Try a pottery session.
    Optional add-on: Thangka painting class
    Optional add-on: Yoga class
    Optional add-on: Cooking class
    Optional add-on: Singing bowl class

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeFlight durationTrekking duration
    Accommodation4-star hotelMealsB/-/-Altitude1,400 mFlight duration30minTrekking duration
  • Enjoy the day at your leisure. Relax with a 45-minute complimentary foot massage in Kathmandu.
    This additional day in Kathmandu is recommended to avoid missing your international flight, due to the unpredictable weather in the mountain region and the domestic flight might be cancelled due to bad weather.

    Optional add-on: Full Day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu and Patan Durbar Square, the ancient city inside the Kathmandu Valley.
    Optional add-on: Day trip to visit Monastery in Pharping.
    Optional add-on: Rock climbing in Pharping.
    Optional add-on: Day trip to Changu Narayan temple.
    Optional add-on: Day trip to Kritipur (a Newari styled area in Kathmandu)

    AccommodationMealsAltitudeDrive durationTrekking duration
    Accommodation4-star hotelMealsB/-/-Altitude1,400 mDrive durationTrekking duration
  • Depending on the flight schedule, you are transferred to the airport for your final departure.

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Our package includes all the following.

  • Private airport transfers
  • Complimentary welcome dinner
  • Complimentary 45-min foot massage
  • 4 nights at a 4-star hotel in Kathmandu with breakfast
  • 2 nights at a 4-star hotel in Pokhara with breakfast
  • 10 nights at Simple Lodge during the trek with 3 daily meals
  • Sightseeing tour as per the itinerary accompanied by a guide in a private vehicle in Kathmandu
  • Sightseeing tour as per the itinerary accompanied by a guide in a private vehicle in Pokhara
  • Entrance fees as per the itinerary
  • Trekking guide and porter during the trek
  • TIMS card, ECAP Fees
  • Private transfer from Kathmandu to Manang
  • Domestic flight from Jomsom to Pokhara
  • Domestic flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu

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  • Tourist visa fees
  • International flight
  • Personal expenses
  • Non-specified meals
  • Personal travel insurance
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